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Permanently Restore Missing Teeth

Implant Dentistry

If you are missing one or more teeth in Fullerton, implant dentistry from Dr. Hang Pham at All Day Smile can help you restore your smile, your bite, and your self-confidence. Dental implants are the best way to permanently replace missing teeth, and have a 30+ year lifespan. Not only that, but they look and feel completely natural.

Interested in dental implants? Read on to get more information about dental implants and restorations like single-tooth implants and implant dentures, or contact us now to schedule your implant consultation in Fullerton.

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Understanding The Basics

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are built from two separate parts; the implant, and the implant restoration. The implant itself is designed to function as an artificial root, and replaces the root of your missing tooth. It’s made from titanium, and is surgically implanted into the area where your tooth used to be. 

Over a period of about 3-6 months, the implant heals and bonds with the jaw tissue and surrounding gum tissue. Then, it can be used as a stable anchor for an “implant restoration,” such as a dental crown to replace a single tooth, or All-On-4 or implant-retained dentures to restore a full row of missing teeth.

What Is A

Single-Tooth Implant?

A single-tooth implant consists of one dental implant, and uses a dental crown as its implant restoration. The crown screws onto the implant and is bonded into place with dental adhesive, replacing one missing tooth with a natural-looking, artificial porcelain tooth.

Single-tooth implants are the most common type of implant, and are useful if you’ve lost a few of your natural teeth and want a better alternative to dental bridges or partial dentures.

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What Are

Implant-Retained Dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, which are held onto your gums by friction, this type of denture uses a series of 4-6 dental implants.

These implants are placed into the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches of your teeth after your remaining teeth have been extracted. Then, a special removable denture is designed that locks onto these implants, which provide a very stable, strong hold.  
Compared to traditional dentures, implant-retained dentures are more stable, last longer, and look and feel more natural. They also help support the strength of your jaw by preventing jaw bone loss, which is a common problem with traditional dentures.

What Are

All-On-4 Dental Implants? 

All-On-4 is a type of permanent implant-retained denture. This treatment, as the name suggests, uses 4 dental implants that are surgically implanted into your mouth at a unique angle, providing enough stability to hold a set of permanent dentures.

Unlike most implant-retained dentures, All-On-4 dentures are designed to be fixed permanently to your implants after they’ve been placed, and can only be removed by a dentist. 

This makes them more convenient, since you don’t have to take them out to sleep or for any other reason, but it also makes cleaning and caring for your new smile a bit more complicated. 

At All Day Smile, Dr. Hang Pham can help you learn more about the difference between All-On-4 and standard implant-retained dentures, and determine which treatment may be the best option for your needs.

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