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Meet Our Team

At All Day Smile, our team is committed to creating an inclusive, friendly environment. We do this by encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves every day. Our goal is to cultivate whole-body wellness. This includes helping you to feel happy and at ease during your dental visits. There is no reason for you to feel nervous to come to the dentist, and we do everything we can to ease your dental anxiety. The difference between good dentistry and great dentistry is establishing real connections with our patients. That is why we love to have fun and enjoy laughing with our patients.

View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Rocio

Rocio Rosales

Front Office Coordinator
Rocio feels that the most rewarding part of her job is getting to know her patients on a personal level. Outside of the office, Rocio loves spending time with her family, doing arts and crafts, and playing video and board games. She is very proud of her two daughters, Karen and Ashley who are both pursuing fulfilling careers. In her time off, Rocio, loves traveling to places she has never been before as well as visiting her family back in Mexico City.
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Marisa

Marisa Hernandez

Front Office Coordinator
Marisa loves that working at All Day Smile allows her to help patients by establishing trust, educating them, and making them feel comfortable. She is now working towards becoming a dental hygienist and is excited to start the next chapter of her career in the dental field. In her free time, she also studies nutrition. Marisa grew up in Orange County and loves to paint, go hiking, explore farmers’ markets, go to the beach, and travel to new places. So far she has been to Hawaii, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, France, Italy, Ireland, London, and Cancun.
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Ofelia

Ofelia Esquivas

Registered Dental Assistant
Ofelia began her career in the dental field in 2008 and got the opportunity to work with Dr. Pham in 2014. Her favorite part about working at All Day Smile is being able to help little kids establish strong oral hygiene habits and seeing their happy smiles. Ofelia was born and raised in Southern California and feels that no matter where she goes, she will always come back home. She has a daughter that was born in 2010 who is an energetic ball of joy that always lights up everyone’s day. Outside of the office, Ofelia loves crafting, camping, and going on new adventures
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Kris

Kris Mabini

Dental Assistant
Kris has been working in the dental field for eight years now. He loves helping people and making them feel comfortable by easing their fear and anxiety. He feels rewarded when he sees his patients’ happy smiles, knowing he has made a real difference. Kris was born in the Philippines and immigrated here when he was young. He has been an Orange County resident ever since. Outside of the office, Kris is an avid video-gamer and collects Funko collectibles. He loves going on hikes and learning about history, science, nature, current events, and random factoids. Kris hopes to one day see all the Wonders of the World.
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Nancy

Nancy Jimenez

Dental Assistant
Growing up, Nancy knew she wanted to be part of the medical field. However, as she grew older, she began to question whether or not it was her passion. She began to explore her options and came across the opportunity to intern for an amazing dental office. She immediately fell in love with the field. Nancy grew up in Anaheim, CA and is still very close to her family. Her mother is her best friend and she can always count on her for anything. Nancy enjoys spending time with her close friends, family, and puppy. Her goal is to visit all 50 states in the US and has 45 more to go.
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Huong

Huong Pham

Registered Dental Hygienist
Huong went to school in San Jose at an accelerated program at Western college and has been working as a dental hygienist for 12 years now. She feels that the best thing about her job is helping her patients with their oral hygiene care and being able to help them get over the phobia of the dental office. In 1979, Huong’s parents came from Vietnam to Orange County, where she was born and raised. She has been married to her husband, Paul, for 5 years and together they have two beautiful girls. Paige is three years old and Zoey is one year old. Outside of work, spending time with her family is a priority for Huong. She also loves traveling and watching basketball, volleyball, hockey, and tennis.
View BioAll Day Dental Team Member Lara

Lara Garciasalas

Registered Dental Hygienist
Lara was born and raised in the islands of the Philippines. She has been working as a dental hygienist for three years and has been in the dental field since 2004. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree from the University of Michigan. One of her favorite things about being a dental hygienist is the one-on-one interaction she gets to have with her patients and the bonds she forms with them over time. Seeing her patients’ smiles is what gives her a sense of accomplishment every day. In her spare time, she takes regular walks at the park, mall, or beach with her 13-month-old baby. When they get a date night, She and her husband like to try different restaurants and watch movies together. Lara loves cooking and sharing wine, coffee, stories, and laughs with her close friends. She would like to travel to every corner of the world one day.
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Our office has been designed to be comfortable and welcoming. We’ve thought of everything to help you feel right at home during your visit. Help yourself to a fresh cup of coffee or tea from our coffee station, stay entertained by streaming your favorite Netflix shows, and cozy up with a blanket or pillow.

We have an open floor plan in an effort to display our transparency. This not only allows patients to feel safe and warm, but we believe that an open floor plan also allows for more laughter and joy to spread within our walls. Is there anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable? Please let us know!

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