Regular Cleaning Vs. Deep Cleaning: What's The Difference? Does It Matter?

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If you’re overdue for dental care in Anaheim, you may be wondering if you need a deep cleaning or a regular cleaning. What’s the difference between these treatments? They may sound similar, but these procedures are actually quite different. In this blog from All Day Smile, we’ll take a look at the basics of each treatment. 

Everyone Needs Regular Six-Month Cleanings

Regular cleanings are sometimes known as “preventive” or “prophylactic” cleanings, and they are recommended for every patient. No matter how healthy you think your mouth may be, you need to see Dr. Pham for a cleaning every six months.

At a regular cleaning, the team at All Day Smile will take x-rays of your mouth, clean and polish your teeth, and floss your mouth to remove any remaining debris. Then, Dr. Pham will perform an oral exam to look for signs of common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

Routine six-month cleanings help you identify potential oral health issues early, provide you with peace of mind, and help you save time and money by avoiding the need for further treatments like fillings or crowns. 

They are also almost always covered by dental insurance, so it’s a good idea to come to All Day Smile for routine six-month appointments in Anaheim. Along with great at-home oral hygiene, regular cleanings help protect your oral health. 

Deep Cleanings Are Only Needed If You Have Gum Disease 

Deep cleanings, also called “scaling and root planing” are only necessary if you have gum disease. This periodontal treatment is a lot different than a regular cleaning, despite the similar-sounding name.

In a deep cleaning, Dr. Pham will clean deeply between your gums and teeth, using a variety of specialized dental tools to remove the bacteria-filled plaque and tartar responsible for gum disease. She will also use a tool to smooth the roots of each tooth, removing even more bacteria.

This procedure is done under local numbing to keep you comfortable, since the process is significantly more invasive compared to a routine teeth cleaning. We also offer sedation for patients who have dental anxiety, or who may be nervous about getting a deep cleaning.

It takes about two hours to perform a deep cleaning on one half of your mouth, so it takes two appointments to fully clean your mouth. These are usually scheduled about a week apart. Along with good at-home oral hygiene and antibiotics, deep cleanings are the first line of defense against gum disease. 

Know The Difference Between Regular Cleanings And Deep Cleanings

As you now know, there is a big difference between regular cleanings and deep cleanings. Routine cleanings are necessary for all patients, while deep cleanings are only necessary if Dr. Pham diagnoses you with gum disease.

But no matter which treatment may be right for you, the first step toward getting the care you need in Anaheim is to come into our office for an appointment. We’re always accepting new patients, so give us a call at (714) 821-7645 or contact us online to get started today.

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