Dentures Vs. Dental Implants: What's The Right Choice For You?

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If you need to replace one or more missing teeth in Fullerton, dentures and dental implants are two of the most commonly-used options. But which one is right for you? It can be hard to tell. So in this blog from All Day Smile, we’ll discuss the primary benefits of both treatments, and help you understand which one might be right for you.

The Benefits Of Dentures – Better For Patients On A Budget

Dentures come in two primary forms. Partial dentures treat a few missing teeth, and snap onto your healthy teeth to keep them in place. Full dentures are different. They treat a whole row of missing upper or lower teeth, or both rows of teeth. They require you to have your remaining teeth extracted, and are usually only recommended if you have serious oral health issues.

What are the benefits of dentures, and why might they be the right choice for your situation? First, they’re usually a better option for patients who are on a tight budget. Both full and partial dentures are a lot more affordable than dental implants. 

Not only that, but they are usually covered up to applicable limits by dental insurance. In contrast, dental implants are almost never covered by insurance, so you will pay the full cost out of pocket.

Another benefit is that dentures provide faster results. It usually takes a month at most to build and fit a set of full or partial dentures, so you can restore your smile more quickly. If you’re on a budget and want fast results, dentures may be a good choice. 

The Benefits Of Dental Implants – Superior Lifespan, Durability, And Results 

Dental implants can also be used to treat a single tooth, a few missing teeth, or a full arch of missing teeth, depending on the situation and your oral health, so they perform the same basic function as dentures.

However, they do have some significant benefits, particularly when compared to dentures. While they are a lot more expensive, they also last a long time. It’s common for patients to keep their implants for the rest of their lives. In contrast, dentures usually must be replaced every 5-15 years.

Dental implants also look and feel a lot more natural. They are securely anchored to your jaw bone and will not shift or move when you eat, smile, speak, or bite. They also help support and strengthen the bone, preventing “bone resorption” after tooth loss, which is a common issue that can weaken the jaw.

For these reasons, dental implants may be a better choice if you have a larger budget for restoring your smile. They provide superior longevity, durability, and comfort compared to dentures. 

Not Sure What To Choose In Fullerton? Get Expert Advice From Dr. Pham Today! 

Still not sure which treatment is right for you? Need more information about pricing for dentures and dental implants? All Day Smile is here to help. Dr. Hang Pham is an expert in restorative dentistry in Fullerton, and can help you choose the treatment that’s right for your own unique needs. Contact us online or give us a call at (714) 821-7645 to get the help you need right away.

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