Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Anaheim

There are plenty of over the counter teeth whitening products out there today. Some requires you to buy several months worth of solution or gel and you have to deal with messy whitening trays on a daily basis.

At All Day Smile, you can have a pearly white smile in about ONLY an hour, yes ONE HOUR!! Zoom! Teeth Whitening by Phillips is one of the best whitening products/procedures out in the market today. The specially formulated gel works on all different kinds of teeth and you can really see a difference right after the procedure. The procedure will require the patient to sit on one of our chairs and let a powerful, yet harmless LED Light activate the Gel Solution, whitening your teeth to your preference. Each procedure consists up to 4, 15-minute sessions, and after each session, we have our patients check to see if they have reached their desired shade or if they decide to keep going for a much lighter shade. Remember that the finished results vary from patient to patient due to defining factors such as original teeth shade, cleanliness of the patient’s mouth, (to get the best results we recommend that patients get a cleaning before the whitening) and simply your overall genetics.

Patients might feel a little sensitivity after the procedure and this is perfectly normal, since the solution penetrates deep into the tooth.  This sensitivity usually lasts up to 48 hours and can be easily remedied by taking over the counter pain medication to help with the sensitivity.  So do you want a brand new smile in about one hour? Then call All Day Smile and book your teeth whitening in Anaheim session today!

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