Braces in Anaheim


Orthodontists are specialized Dentists who have obtained an additional two to three years of training in tooth movement and the guidance of facial development.  They work as a team with your General Dentist to create a healthy, perfect smile for you.

You or your child may benefit from a orthodontic consultation if you fall under one of these categories:

– if your child experienced early or late loss of baby teeth

– if your child  has a finger sucking or other oral habit that has affected  how he/she bites down or chews

– if you or your child is a mouth breather

– if you or your child has severe crowding, misplaced, protruding, or gaps between your teeth

– if your jaw shifts, makes sounds, protrude or retrude

– if you or your child has speech difficulty

– if you or your child has teeth that meet in an abnormal way or if they don’t meet at all

– if you feel you have a facial imbalance or asymmetry

There are a few types of treatment options to straighten teeth and correct bad bites.  The most commonly used one is traditional braces which are worn 24/7.  They can be prescribed for children, teen and adults and the average duration of treatment is two years but varies based on the severity of the case.

Another type of treatment that is becoming very popular today is called Aligners (brand name Invisalign).   These are removable trays that are prescribed to treat mild to moderate cases so please consult with your Orthodontist to see if you are a good candidate for this treatment.  These trays are worn 24/7 and are only removed while eating, brushing or flossing.  They are changed out every month when you arrive for your monthly checkup with your Orthodontist.

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